Book Hangover, 5 Ways to Recover

Make a break-up playlist. For me, making a playlist helps register emotions that I’ve felt throughout the book(s). It also allows me to reflect on the story, plot, and character development. Sometimes when I’m feeling emotional, I don’t see the flaws or the small nuances of the story. So to reflect after going through my emotions helps me to clearly analyze.

Re-read the book or annotations. I do love to annotate books, I didn’t when I was younger. The thought of defacing a book felt almost illegal. But to get over some hangovers, reading my thoughts and feelings especially on certain sections helps me to let go and move on. If I didn’t make any annotations I just go back to read sections that replay in my head. And yes, I am one of those who creates movies in their head when I read.

Write a Review. There are many outlets to write your feelings: create a Goodreads review, blog post, or Instagram post. I would like to think there are others whom feel the same and conversations on the same subjects within the book community is cathartic.

Start a new book. I would recommend not starting a drastically large series or a high fantasy. This recommendation is due to experience, leaving one book to another in a large series has led me down the rabbit hole of endless book hangovers. I would start slow with a novella or standalone to feel the fast gratification of a conclusion. Another idea is to read a book from a different genre, genre hopping will allow some time to move on.

Pick up a new hobby. Take a break from reading and do a craft project, cook, or hike. Some crafting ideas are posted on my page but I do enjoy hand embroidery kits or painting. A mental break from reading may help reset your creativity and with time a recharge to pick up another book. For myself, reading after a break brings a refreshing take on worlds, stories, and characters.

I hope this helps you and your book hangover. If you have other remedies or tips please let me know.

QOTD: What was the last book that gave you a hang over?

Happy Reading! Your Book Bestie,



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