Book Talk : April 11, 2023

Daily writing prompt
What book could you read over and over again?

The Ballad of Never After

by: Stephane Garber

Published: September 2022

Pages: 403

Themes: Betrayal, Forbidden Love, Curses, Mystery, Trauma Bonding

Hello Besties! It has been a journey this past month. I had hit the ground running at the start of the year but life happens, am I right? This week’s writing promote will be my triumphant return to the blog-verse. So here it goes.

What book could I read over and over again? Well, initially I wanted to say something like Animal Farm or Song of Achilles. But it great honesty, It would have to be Ballad of Never After by Stephanie Garber. Ballad is the sophomore book in the series Once Upon a Broken Heart and it was tragically epic…

I would estimate that I’ve read this book five (5) times through, my favorite annotations a dozen times over, and listened to the audible twice. Another key indicator of my infatuation, have you ever had a book-hangover? Well I had a three (3) month book hangover. I am so itching for the next and unfortunately final installment in the series, slated for October 2023. If this last book is anything like its successful predecessor I’m sure I’ll be just as obsessed and heartbroken.

(+) This book is simplistically tragic, it’s not a complicated mess of riddles or character developments. It’s a simple concept of wanting and having the courage to fight for it. Evangeline has conflicted feelings on what she wants verses what she thinks she needs. She’s lived a life fantasizing the perfect Happily Ever After, but she’s learning that not all love stories are the same and that there is no one good hero and a horrible villain. But rather everyone has the potential to be good and bad, it’s in our own control to choose to see the best in people.

(-) There is so much Forbidden Romance tension. Did we all forget Evangeline is married? How morally conflicting, is it okay that she’s in love with Jacks? I mean its alright because it’s Jacks, right? The morally grey, tragically handsome and complicated character. I know the book at least acknowledges these feelings and thoughts. It’s very confusing even as the reader. Those small moments between Jacks and Evangeline is what really kills me. Garber has masterfully captured the art of lust, love, and everything in-between leaving the readers wanting more.

Have you read this book series? If so, what are your thoughts? What books gave you a book hangover?

Happy reading!

Your book Bestie, – T

Goodreads Book Summary:

Not every love is meant to be.

After Jacks, the Prince of Hearts, betrays her, Evangeline Fox swears she’ll never trust him again. Now that she’s discovered her own magic, Evangeline believes she can use it to restore the chance at happily ever after that Jacks stole away.

But when a new terrifying curse is revealed, Evangeline finds herself entering into a tenuous partnership with the Prince of Hearts again. Only this time, the rules have changed. Jacks isn’t the only force Evangeline needs to be wary of. In fact, he might be the only one she can trust, despite her desire to despise him.

Instead of a love spell wreaking havoc on Evangeline’s life, a murderous spell has been cast. To break it, Evangeline and Jacks will have to do battle with old friends, new foes, and a magic that plays with heads and hearts. Evangeline has always trusted her heart, but this time she’s not sure she can…

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  1. Fab
    Great post T! Your enthusiasm for Ballad of Never After by Stephanie Garber is infectious. I’m intrigued by the themes of betrayal, forbidden love, and curses in the book. How do these themes play out in the story?


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