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My Policeman by: Bethan Roberts

Fiction | Rating: 4/5 | Spicy: 1.5/5

A policeman married to a schoolteacher, develops an affair with a male museum curator when homosexuality is illegal.

Would I recommend this book? Yes

If you liked: Atonement by Ian McEwa, Those Who Save Us by: Jenna Blum, Call Me By Your Name by: André Aciman

I should start with the trigger warning, I had grooming vibes from the museum curator especially when he lured the policeman for a portrait. Just me? Also, I found the schoolteacher’s obsession with the policeman borderline stalker. I was a bit underwhelmed on the amazing handsome policeman described like a deity. The biggest takeaway about blondie-blue-eye-McDreamy policeman was that he’s aloof with a curious mind and strict habitual routine.

This read was a haunting reminder of societal gender roles. I was drawn to the understanding that there is a fine line between noble intentions and self sacrifice. This novel starts with a noble policeman, a selfless schoolteacher, and a self-serving museum curator. Throughout the story these themes become intertwined as they find their authentic selves. When the inevitable happens, the rose-tinted glasses are removed, its heart wrenching to see our characters longing for the basic human need for forgiveness, understanding, and peace. Ultimately, I came away from this novel not with warm-fuzzy feelings but a deep sadness in a pit of self-reflection. Am I living as my most authentic self? Am I settling for complacency?

This was a fast read and with a steady flow. This is a two character perspective which helped the dramatic intensity of the plot. There are four explicit scenes, very mundane, that puts focus on the nonverbal implications.

If you are looking for a fast read and don’t mind potentially having an existential crisis, tots recommend. – T


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